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AllPlay is a world-first initiative to create new pathways for inclusion for children with disabilities so they can play, learn, dance and connect into the community.

AllPlay brings research, sport, dance and education together so kids of all abilities can participate, including the one in five children who have a developmental challenge or disability.

Our programs


AllPlay Footy

AllPlay Footy is our resource to make NAB AFL Auskick more inclusive for kids with disabilities.
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AllPlay BettaFooty

Builds on the AllPlay Footy Program that enables children with disabilities to participate in NAB AFL Auskick together and enjoy its benefits.
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AllPlay Dance

AllPlay Dance provides the resources needed for dance schools, dance teachers, kids and their families to get kids with disabilities dancing.
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AllPlay research

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This directory was developed to encourage greater participation in sport for all children and young people, regardless of ability.

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